"Funky Folk" amazes patrons at 1-Year Anniversary of 1400 Bar & Grill

One year ago, Bara Waters & Robert Cassard, along with their Soulfolk performing partner Paul Manfrini, had the honor of christening the newly updated 1400 Bara & Grill.  The 1400 occupies the historic space of the of Alameda's legendary Croll's restaurant, built in 1883.   Soulfolk was the first band to perform after the restaurant's grand opening.

Mike Cooper, co-owner of the 1400, and Hiroko Donovan, the venue's booker, became instant fans.  "Their sound was perfect for our space and what we were hoping to offer up musically," said Donovan.  Now, a year later, with Soulfolk having undergone updates of its own, the new Cosmic Spin took the stage at 1400 on a clear summer night.

"1400 was the ideal place to try out our new sound," said Cassard.  "It's a warm and woody room with a welcoming, open-minded East Bay audience."  While the Cosmic Spin duo play a number of songs and arrangements familiar to Soulfolk fans, the new sound is augmented by guitar and vocal effects, plus rhythmic DJ Tracks built by Cassard in their home studio. 

"It's so trippy," said Cooper.  "You look up there and see two people with an acoustic guitar, but the sounds you here are rich, thick and full of harmonies.  It's an optical illusion."

"They are so self-contained, and the sound is amazing," said Donovan.  "Our patrons loved it, and when I asked what people would call Cosmic Spin's sound, the answer I got was "funky folk" which describes it perfectly.

Cosmic Spin will return to the 1400 on Saturday, October 13.  Don't miss a chance to experience the audio-optical illusion for yourself.

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