Messenger (Single)

Time of the Season (Single)

Tougher Than The Rest (Single)

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Released February 2020

Cosmic Spin shows off their Alt-Country side with this heartfelt reinterpretation of Springsteen's 80s classic. Rich harmonies, vintage electric and lap steel a blistering lead solo. The ache of disappointed love gives way to hope.

Gilding Lilies (6-Track EP)

Cosmic Spin on KSFS

Cosmic Spin on KSFS • Mace's Mixtape

Cosmic Spin • Eclectic "soul-folk" with a cosmic groove

Macy Tolleson hosts a wide-ranging interview with Bara and Robert and an exclusive live in-studio performance of Cosmic Spin favorites. (72 minutes)

Includes Cosmic Spin versions of these classics: Space Oddity • Losing My Religion • Wear Your Love Like Heaven • Where the Streets Have No Name • Time of the Season • Rocket Man • Why Should I Cry for You • Majority of One • Ooh Child/Landslide • After the Goldrush (Recorded 10.29.18)

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