Tougher Than The Rest (Single)

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Released February 2020

Cosmic Spin shows off their Alt-Country side with this heartfelt reinterpretation of Springsteen's 80s classic. Rich harmonies, vintage electric and lap steel a blistering lead solo. The ache of disappointed love gives way to hope.

Gilding Lilies (6-Track EP)

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Released August 2019

Classic songs reimagined by the groovy electric folk duo Cosmic Spin. Soulful harmonies, layered guitars, deep grooves and shiny sonic flourishes.

Cosmic Spin on KSFS

Cosmic Spin on KSFS • Mace's Mixtape

Cosmic Spin • Eclectic "soul-folk" with a cosmic groove

Macy Tolleson hosts a wide-ranging interview with Bara and Robert and an exclusive live in-studio performance of Cosmic Spin favorites. (72 minutes)

Includes Cosmic Spin versions of these classics: Space Oddity • Losing My Religion • Wear Your Love Like Heaven • Where the Streets Have No Name • Time of the Season • Rocket Man • Why Should I Cry for You • Majority of One • Ooh Child/Landslide • After the Goldrush (Recorded 10.29.18)

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